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Airport Clash 3D

Airport Clash 3D

Date added: 2020-07-07
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Use WASD or Arrow keys to control your player's movement, Space to jump, C to crouch,Mouse to zoom, TAB to choose stats


Airport Clash 3D is a new action io game created by the developer of Subway Clash 3D. In which, you will take control of a team of the top raiders and fight against multiple enemies throughout the world on the same battlefield. The main aim that you are asked to complete will focus on capturing the abandoned airport terminal from the opponent. Play Airport Clash 3D unblocked you can deploy many powerful weapons such as Gattling Gun or Barret Rifle to kill the enemy. However, you will be recommended to search for hidden armaments and power-ups scattered across the ground. If you collect a heavy nuke, it will be very easy for you to send a deadly shot at the foes' line and occupy the target area faster. In Airport Clash 3D free online, the mao is pretty large and you should figure out the best tactics to finish your plan. After each successful match, you can stop and select essential abilities to upgrade. Good luck!

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