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Ogre PVP

Ogre PVP

Date added: 2020-04-09
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Use U to use melee weapons, I to use ranged weapons, O to use armor and T for drop.


Ogre PVP unblocked is an io game of strategy. Prepare your skills for an epic fight against enemies from around the world in Ogre PVP free game You play the role of a little ogre in this title. The game goal for you is to kill all other creatures, advance your levels and upgrade yourself to become stronger. When you first spawn in the arena, you are too weak to fight off all enemies. Hence, you must make your way through the map trying to collect items and some weapons then use them to deal damage to other players. You can pick up melee and ranged weapons too, or collect some armor. Equip yourself with enough gear then you will be confident in defeating your enemies. Make sure you keep yourself leveled up through over time, improve your weapons to become stronger and kill all opponents. You aim to become number one on the leaderboard. Have fun playing Ogre PVP free game!

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