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Date added: 2020-07-02
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Use WASD to move the player, Space to jump,Mouse to shoot,Mouse to scan everything, TAB to open inventory, 1-5 to change equipment


Play free online and take over the leaderboard in the new 2D shooter io game as soon as possible! The adventure or the combat similar to Fortnite will be located in the middle of a world as in Minecraft. Aside from fighting for survival, you will have the chance to craft. Remember that it is a multiplayer match! Therefore, you should outplay all of the opponents to dominate the entire map! With weapons, tools, and 20 stairs that you receive when starting unblocked, you can defend your character and build or destroy the foes nearby. Headshots will help you eliminate the target and loot more items. It is easy to reach the high ground or hide into the place! Just pick out the style that you love to explore your story! More importantly, you need to survive, increase your score, and rank up. Are you ready to begin the journey? Good luck!

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