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Buzzy Bees

Buzzy Bees

Date added: 2020-05-14
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0.0 / 10
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Use items or shoot enemies using themouse button. Open the shop using B, and use T for the Teams.


You are a hard-working bee in Buzzy Bees unblocked! Get your skills ready for an epic adventure where you collect a lot of pollen to make hives and fight off all opponents from around the world. Playing bee-themed io games is so cool! You can join it for free in your browser and play it whenever you want. Buzzy Bees free offers a unique combat mechanic with great features. When you step into the map, you have to go around the map to explore areas and get as much pollen as possible. The pollen will be collected when you touch a flower. After gathering some, you can take the pollen back to your hive by touching the hive. You should keep your hive improved through over time and protect it during the battle because if someone deals damage to it, the game will be over. Other players are doing the same task as you, which makes the competition much harder to conquer. The size of your hive will become bigger when you collect a lot of pollen. But it will also become a target to other players because they will want to destroy it. You can deal damage to their hives using your smart strategies and tactics. Don’t forget to visit the shop in the game to buy some items and upgrades for your beehive. You aim to become the best bee in the arena of Buzzy Bees game! Play the game right now! Have fun with it!

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