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Date added: 2020-04-07
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Use the mouse to direct the movement of your Queen fish. Click themouse button or W to attack enemies, themouse button or spacebar to merge your fishes. Hold themouse button or spacebar for a long time to eat your own creatures. Use the mouse wheel scroll or + and - keys to toggle the zoom.

Description online brings ocean challenges to you. You play the role of a Queen fish in this title, trying to eat a lot of ocean food to build a big crowd of smaller fishes. You can grow the size of the crowd of fish and even merge the fishes together to make it stronger. On your way, you will encounter other enemy fishes that are doing the same task as you and willing to defeat you. Make sure you use your strategies with tactics to outplay them all and stop them from taking your fishes away. Do whatever it takes to defend your Queen fish. You can power up yourself by gathering more ocean dwellers. Just pay attention to your surroundings and have your strategies ready to get over all dangers around you. As a Queen fish, you must survive for as long as possible then take your crowd of fish to the top rank on the leaderboard to dominate the ocean. Play unblocked for free! Much fun!

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