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Must Escape The Ice Castle

Must Escape The Ice Castle

Date added: 2020-07-23
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Interact with the items and solve the puzzles in the game using the mouse.


Relax and play Must Escape The Ice Castle free online! If you are a fan of Math Games Online, make sure you play this Must Escape game and take this chance to show your skills. The Ice Castle is a beautiful place to explore. You decided to enter the castle to discover it. But then, you got caught by the King. He doesn't let you leave this place if you don't solve the puzzles. If you want to escape the ice castle, you must find his weakness, search for useful items, pick up clues, and use them to unravel all the puzzles. Once you have solved them all, you will find the exit. You should think logically as well as give your brain a workout. Try your best to escape the castle in the least amount of time possible and become the winner. Besides Must Escape The Ice Castle unblocked, you can play other Must Escape games too. Have fun!

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