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Must Escape The Burger Joint

Must Escape The Burger Joint

Date added: 2020-08-01
plays 3.428
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Use the mouse to interact with the objects in the game to solve the puzzles.


Must Escape The Burger Joint unblocked is one of the most awesome Must Escape games online. If you are a fan of escape games, make sure you give this title a try then see if you can solve all the puzzles. In Must Escape The Burger Joint free online, you were working at the burger joint and it's your job to close it, but it seems like you were locked here by someone else. Maybe they didn't know your presence here and lock this place. Therefore, you have to find the exit by yourself now. It will not be easy to escape the burger joint. You should look around it to find some items, then collect those items to solve the puzzles. Make sure you follow the clues you got to find the black key and use it to escape the place. How fast can you solve the puzzles? Play the game now! Have fun!

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