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The Travelling Salesman

The Travelling Salesman

Date added: 2020-04-17
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Use the mouse button to choose the city and move


Play Hooda Math The Travelling Salesman game free online as a man named Makoto. He needs your help to visit all of the cities as he wants. Especially, you should bring him to the starting city after he roams through locations. Are you ready to give that character a hand and complete his special adventure in the shortest time?

Embark on the journey and try your best to conquer every challenge in The Travelling Salesman unblocked! The tutorial will show you how to move, return to the beginning point, and more useful tips with tricks. After you accept his request, you can select the neighbor area to accelerate. Remember that you can only arrive at each scene once! Plenty of puzzles are waiting for you to uncover their targets and finish. Everything is unlocked and available. It is a good place to hone several skills! Show your logic ability and enjoy your story now!

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