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Sugar Sugar 3

Sugar Sugar 3

Date added: 2020-04-28
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Draw lines to collect sugar and fillcups by using the mouse button


Sugar Sugar 3 is an incredible logic game unblocked. It will give you the mission that is as same as in previous installments. Are you ready to explore the current chapter of the cool Sugar Sugar series and unlock every level? It's actually a great place for kids and parents or grown-ups to challenge their own thinking and drawing skills!

Play Sugar Sugar 3 free online you will receive a lot of sugar. It is the main resource that you are required to use properly. Specifically, you have to get it to the cup as fast as possible. Once that small container is full or the number 100 turns into 0, you will become the winner and unlock the new stage. When you embark on Sugar Sugar 3, you should draw lines. They must catch the material and lead it to the right position. Remember to pay attention to the color! It must match the object promptly. Good luck!

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