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Date added: 2020-01-08
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Direct the movement of your worm using the mouse. Click the left/right mouse to accelerate.


Worms.Zone unblocked is a free Slither Style game you can play in your browser to compete against new rivals around the world. Playing games like is always fun. You can have your skills sharpened through epic matches. With this awesome edition, you will earn more experience. You start as a small worm slithering its way through a big arena full of enemy worms. You cannot fight with any enemies when you are still weak and your size is still small. Hence, you should go chase for animals dispersed throughout the play area, eat them up to grow your length. Don’t forget to pick up power-ups to boost your strength, which gives you an upper hand on enemies. To kill them, use your strategies or any tactics you know. You can lure them into running into you, or speed up to cut them off. Make sure you avoid running into their bodies with your head, otherwise, the game will be over. Can you become the biggest worm in this worm world? Play free now! Enjoy it!

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