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Date added: 2020-04-11
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Use the mouse for your worm’s movement and press the spacebar to speed up.


Playing a new free slither-style io game like unblocked will make your skills much better. There is no denying that the snake io game genre is a popular category with a wide array of games inspired by released in browsers, and game is no exception. You can try this title for more challenges and see if you can conquer them all. In the game, you spawn as a small worm trying to eat food orbs that are dispersed on the ground to grow. By growing your body, you will have enough strength to deal with other enemy worms in the arena. You can still beat them even though you are smaller than them as long as you have smart strategies. But still, having a big size is always an advantage for you. You can use their body to encircle them and make them run into you, or even speed up to bypass them and cut them off. Try not to accelerate much because it will reduce your length. You have to survive, increase your points, and get to the highest rank on the scoreboard.

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