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Date added: 2020-03-19
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Move your worm using the mouse. Click the left/right mouse buttons or use Q to speed up, use W to stop moving, press E to become invisible and use number keys 1-5 to use a smiley.

Description free is a real-time io game about worms. Similar to in terms of gameplay, game also pits you against enemy worms from around the world in a big arena. Only one biggest worm can rule the map, so make yourself the biggest one! To that end, you must slither your way through the play area eating a lot of fruit. As you consume fruit, your size and mass will become bigger. Pay no attention to other players as well as avoid running into them with your head, otherwise, you will lose a life. But when you are ready to defeat them, use your big body to encircle them or speed up to bypass and cut them off. Unlike the first chapter, in this second title, you have three lives rather than just one. Just don’t run out of lives! The chance to conquer the top rank on the leaderboard will be in your hands if you know how to thrive in the arena full of worms.

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