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Date added: 2020-03-14
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Move your worm using the mouse and click themouse to speed it up.

Description unblocked is a good slither style io game but also very competitive. All players from around the world have to control their own worms around a big map to fight one another for dominance in the arena. Inspired by, you also start off as a small worm when spawning on the map. There are many colored dots for you to pick up. As you collect them, your worm’s size will be increased, making you bigger and longer through over time. You should avoid other enemy worms while hunting for food. You can go in for a fight against them when you are ready. If not, just try to dodge them as much as possible. When you get bigger, you can use your body to encircle other worms and make them run into you. Pick up power-ups on the arena for different abilities then use them to get an upper hand on the rivals. Your worm needs to survive to climb up the ladder in game!

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