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Date added: 2019-12-25
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Control your racer in the game using the mouse.


Enjoy your summer with unblocked – another racing io game inspired by! You must have your racing skills ready to compete against lots of opponents around the world in a tough race set in a fictional water park. At the start of the race, you must get ready to slide down the water stream and try to keep yourself balanced on a long water chute as you race against other players. Make sure you watch out for the tough curves and use a proper speed to deal with them to dodge falling down into the water right in the middle of the race or letting other players bump you. Conversely, you are the one that needs to bump them out of the track for a chance of winning. Also, don’t forget to speed up to leave them all behind. You have to become the first player getting to the end of the water slide to become the victor of the race. Much fun with game!

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