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Date added: 2020-02-03
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Use the mouse to move around the map, click themouse to fire and click themouse to dash.


How fast can you throw an ax at enemies in unblocked? Jump into this PvP io game right now to show off your skills. It pits you against lots of enemies around the world and all of them share the same goal: become the top player on the leaderboard. To that end, you have to aim and throw a small ax when you are at a low level to destroy weak players first while trying to avoid the tough ones. As you kill them, they will die and drop small dots on the ground. You need to pick up those dots to level up. The level difference will lead to a huge difference, so it is always better to advance your level through over time. Plus, you can even evolve yourself into strong champions, such as Paladin, Fire Warrior, and Grim Reaper. Can you rule the arena and get to the top of the leaderboard in free? Join it right now!

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