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Date added: 2020-03-17
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The mouse is used for moving back and forth across the screen, and themouse button is used for jumping.

Description unblocked is a stick io game revolving around how you avoid the plague of asteroids crashing into your planet when competing against other players for the limited amount of resources dropping from the sky. To dodge the asteroids, you have to run back and forth from the sides of the screen. Pay attention to your surroundings as you run because those falling asteroids can be everywhere. You cannot come in contact with them, otherwise, you will be destroyed. Although you cannot see other players clearly, they still appear as ethereal ghosts. Make sure you quickly get many resources as possible before them. Gear up yourself with shields, energy, fireball, and invisibility. Those upgrades can help you remain as long as you are playing the game even though they last for just a limited amount of time. Your objective is to become the last player standing and earn the highest score! Play game for free! Much fun!

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