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Date added: 2020-03-05
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Control your character to tug the table and jump using the keyboard or the in-game buttons.


How strong can you be? Test your strength right now with an io game called! You will compete against opponents from around the world in this cool multiplayer game inspired by the classic Tug The Table game. The gameplay is very simple to understand, but it will be hard to conquer. You and your opponent must tug the table against each other. The one that brings the enemy across the line will become the winner of the round. This means that you have to put all of your efforts into tugging the table towards your side and make your rival goes through the line before he does the same to you. There are many rounds you will play, so try your hardest to lead every round, earn a high score and get a chance to become the lead player. unblocked will be a fun yet competitive game and you will like it. Join it now!

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