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Date added: 2020-05-05
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Move your character using WASD or arrow keys. Use themouse button to collect resources and craft items.

Description unblocked makes you a survivor who has to get through the cold and hunger by crafting various items. free online is also a game of strategy when you have to use your strategic skills to defeat all enemies and conquer challenges. The first thing you do is to hit trees for wood. When you have a good amount of wood, use it to craft a wooden pickaxe to collect stones. Make sure you have enough wood and stones to create a campfire that helps you survive the cold in the night. When you feel hungry, you can collect berries or hunt animals. To survive, you must do all of this alone yourself using your good skills. You will encounter enemies, so protect yourself from them because they might kill you. Try not to meet your end, otherwise, all of your progress, materials, and items will be lost. Can you survive to become the best player? Play online in the full-screen mode to show your skills! Don't forget to play other multiplayer io games unblocked!

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