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Date added: 2020-04-28
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Move your character using themouse button, click themouse or use the spacebar to stab.


In unblocked, you have to use your strategies to outplay all enemies and kill them all to become the only winner. game is all about stabbing everyone using your weapon. But the challenge is that you need to make sure you are safe in every action you will do, even including the stabbing action. When you enter the map, you have to move around it secretly and take any chances you have in order to stab your opponents. The hard thing is that you must learn if they are real players to kill or not because if you stab a wrong person or just want to stab randomly, it will be a threat to you. By stabbing randomly, you are just giving away the fact that you are a real player. Therefore, you should time your stab and attack enemies when the time is right. During the day in free, you should scout out players you think are real, and then quickly stab them at night. Other players are doing the same task, so it’s better to pay attention to their moves as well as speculate what they are up to do. You should have some plans with smart strategies ready to deal with them. Don’t get stabbed, otherwise, the game will be over. Keep playing and stabbing more enemies to earn a high score and become the winner.

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