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Date added: 2020-01-08
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The mouse is used for navigating your snake around the map. Click themouse to speed it up.

Description unblocked is set on a big island overrun by snakes. Taking inspiration by, free also pits you against a host of snakes and you must defeat them all for your glory. You may start small but have to end up big. To grow your size, you will hunt for food dispersed throughout the island. Try to eat them as much as you can until your body is bigger. Everything will be easy for you when you reach a big size, especially when you want to kill other snakes. You can use your long body to encircle them, speed up to outmaneuver them and cut them off. Try to have them run into your body while protecting yourself from smashing into their body with your head. You can even speed up to chase for more food, but don’t do it much, otherwise, your length will be decreased. Can you eat your way up to the top of the leaderboard and rule the island in game?

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