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Date added: 2020-02-06
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Direct the movement of your snake using the mouse and click themouse to speed it up.

Description unblocked is a famous snake io game that has attracted many players around the world. The game turns you into an aggressive snake trying to grow in size and mass for arena domination. You will make your way through the map eating a lot of small food orbs to get your body bigger. On your way, you should avoid other enemy snakes because they can kill you. After reaching a good size, you can use your body to encircle other snakes, or speed up your snake to outplay them and quickly cut them off. When you eat their dead remains, your size will get bigger faster. There are many ways you can follow to kill the enemies. Pick ones that fit your play style to secure a chance of winning. In game free online, you aim to become the biggest snake on the leaderboard. Are you ready for this snake adventure? Join it now! Have fun with it!

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