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Date added: 2020-05-15
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Use WASD for the movement, shoot enemies using the mouse and use QEF for using upgrades.


Your shooting experience will be much better with unblocked! Why don’t you play this 2D shooter io game for free to express your shooting skills? It’s all about an epic battle between you and other players from around the world. All of you must fight one another to find the best shooter in the arena. Pick your class to dictate your loadout and get ready for the shooting battle now! You have to aim and shoot all enemies that stand in your way as you attempt to avoid their shots. Deal damage to some crates on the arena for more upgrades, including health regen, better vision, faster speed, a strong shield, a nice axe, an explosive grenade, and more. These upgrades make you stronger than ever. You have to watch out for your surroundings as well as have some strategies ready to deal with tough situations. You also gain points through over time! When you get to 10k points, it’s going to be so fun, and you will love it. If you register an account for free game, you will unlock awesome achievements. Are you with all of these challenges? Give this io title a try right now to conquer it all! Hopefully, you will have a good time with it!

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