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Date added: 2019-12-19
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Move your raft around the map to kill enemies using the mouse


You will be up against multiple enemies in, so prepare your skills carefully to deal with them and try to slay them all for your victory. unblocked is an epic ocean 2D shooter game from the io game series. Once you have entered the battle, you must make a raft for yourself then use it to inflict damage to your opponents. Move your raft through the ocean carefully when you fight against others. Watch out for their attacks and try not to take any damage from them, otherwise, you will meet your end. You should try to aim at their rafts, destroy them all, and eliminate them out of the game as fast as possible. Like other battle royale io games unblocked, you have to fight for the top spot and the domination in free game. Have your skills ready for this tough ocean battle now. Wish you luck!

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