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Date added: 2020-04-15
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Use the mouse for the movement and interaction in the game.


In a huge ocean in Raft unblocked, the strongest player will dominate it all. To be that one, you have to finish all enemies with their rafts. Raft game online brings an epic fight to all players from around the world. It’s a battle of survival to define who can surpass all challenges. Each player must build a raft for themselves before stepping into this battle. The raft will be used as the main way to deal damage to each other. You can add gadgets, guns and other items you have found on the water to your raft then make use of them to kill your enemies. You should go for their rafts, aim at them then shoot them before they attack you. Besides, watch out for sea monsters, such as an octopus, as well as the rafts that are bigger than you. Try to collect kills to increase your scores and get to the top rank on the leaderboard in Raft free game! Play the game right now! Have fun with it!

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