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Date added: 2020-05-13
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Use W to speed up, S to reverse, A/D to steer and the spacebar to boost.


With unique team-based element and 3v3 crazy matches, unblocked has become a good physics car hockey io game for you to play. If you want to enjoy a game that allows you to use your strategy as well as teamwork, then online is a game for you. The gameplay is easy to understand but the competition is very fierce as you have to fight off all enemies from the rival team and use your excellent skills to compete as well as lead your team to victory.

The goal in game is the same as Hockey when you have to score as many goals o the enemy team as possible. The game allows you to have an extra fast boost when the shot is lined up and you just need to press the “Space Bar” to perform it. It is important to puck down the ice and score faster than the opponents because if you don’t, they will score first, and you will not have a chance to win. You can do this faster than them f you use the extra fast boost. But it will be used up, so you need to recharge it by grabbing crates. Remember that you have your teammates right beside you. If you think it is hard to score on your own, you can pass to your teammate who is having a better scoring position. Teamwork is key to your success! Work together with your teammates to defeat the rival team. The team with the best score at the end of the match will become the winning team. Try for free and have fun with it!

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