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Date added: 2020-07-28
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Use WASD or Arrows to wander around, Space to jump, RMB to aim, LMB to shoot, L to control the flashlight in Night Mode, Esc or TAB to pause

Description is a special free shooter game set in a large arena with designs as in Minecraft, including characters. You are also moving deeper into the most dangerous maps. In those places, you will have the chance to shoot, practice your skills, and become the King. Jump on every trampoline carefully and chase your opponents promptly or you will be their victim when you fall into traps. Play online unblocked you can explore buildings similar to mazes. In which, you can hide and ambush somebody that you want. Not only that, there are various game modes to choose from and experience such as RPG, Deathmatch, Explore, Battle Royale, and Team Deathmatch. You'd better avoid all of the attacks for survival because it is one of the important keys to help you win. Get ready to connect to the battlefield and prove your abilities in front of your foes now! Good luck!

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