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Date added: 2019-12-20
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Use arrow keys to move around the map. Press the spacebar to perform your action. You can use the joystick to play too. 


Play with a lot of friends around the world in game! There is a wide array of mini-games with different challenges waiting for you. Each game has 4 players battling against each other to see who will be the ultimate winner. You will be taken from challenge to challenge and this is such a great chance for you to present your skills. In each game, try your hardest to make use of your abilities with smart strategies to defeat all opponents. If you become the winner, you will earn a trophy as well as some coins for yourself. This means that the more you win, the more you earn, which can make you the ultimate winner of game. Feel free to show off all the skills you have and try your hardest to outplay all of your opponents. Let's kick off the game right now! Hope you have a blast with it!

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