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Date added: 2020-02-24
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Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement. Use the spacebar to jump, hold the spacebar to dash, hold the spacebar in air to fly, and double tap the movement keys to sprint.

Description unblocked is an RPG game online in which you take on the role of a little chicken trying to defeat all enemy chickens controlled by other players for the ultimate victory. All of you are placed in a factory farm and you are standing on top of a disk with a grinder below. The dish has no balance, which means if someone falls off of it, they will be destroyed and changed into a chicken nugget. You have to move carefully, walk, sprint, jump and even dash to get through the race. Push your enemies off of the disk while trying to stand on it. The last one standing on the disk will win the game as well as earn the highest score! Play free!

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