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MiniRoyale 2 - Battle Royale Game

MiniRoyale 2 - Battle Royale Game

Date added: 2020-07-04
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Use WASD keys to roam, Shift to reduce speed, RMB to focus, LMB to fire, Spacebar to jump, Caps Lock to open the map, Tab to inventory, 1-4 to choose tools, X to pick pill or syringe, H to emote


MiniRoyale 2 is an awesome 3D Battle Royale io game. Fight with multiple enemies and show your skills to survive as long as possible! You'd better become the last man alive at the end of the match to win the top spot. After dropping into the arena of MiniRoyale 2 free online, you should search for and collect weapons, supplies, and other gadgets. Remember that you start with nothing! Therefore, picking up these items will allow you to prove your shooting ability and increase your survival. Play MiniRoyale 2 unblocked you can experience various guns from M16A4 to Sniper. Besides, you are able to get throwables and more. Meanwhile, the red zone will work and shrink the safe area. You need to run and go into the safest region or you will take serious damage quickly. Are you ready to discover the challenge and dominate the leaderboard? Try to be the ultimate character! Good luck!

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