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Date added: 2020-01-10
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Use the mouse to move your snake and use themouse to accelerate it.

Description unblocked is a dynamic Slither Style io game online where players become aggressive snakes fighting one another for dominating the arena. You step into this world in the shape of a small snake, but you can become bigger thanks to colored orbs dispersed around the map. You must devour them as much as you can to get your size larger. Keep growing up and turning into a huge snake that is able to eat up everything on its way, and more importantly, you can encircle other snakes to feast on their remains to become bigger than ever. Avoid crushing into someone’s body with your head, otherwise, you will become their food, which means the game over for you. You can speed up to catch your targets or run away from dangers. Just like, your main goal is to become the giant snake dominating the leaderboard in Little Big Snake free game. Play it now for free!

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