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Date added: 2020-01-21
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Your character’s movement will be controlled by the mouse. Hold themouse button to splash ink on the map to capture more fields.


The Purples and the Greens must fight one another in unblocked! Whichever team you belong to, you must help your team members splash ink on around the map using splash tubes and weapons. By doing so, you can capture many fields with your team’s color. At the start of free game, you should make your way through the map carefully trying to take over as many areas as possible before the rival team. If you let them capture first, it will be hard to defeat them. You should work together with your team to do this fast and protect your captured areas from being taken by the rivals. If your team has a good performance in the game, a certain amount of coin will be sent to you. You can use your earned coins to purchase new items as well as upgrades to improve your style. Join game with friends around the world now!

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