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Date added: 2020-03-11
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Perform the movement using WASD or arrow keys. Use themouse to shoot, use R to reload, and use the spacebar to use the advanced power-ups.

Description unblocked is a special shooter game with an arena style. To get a new shooting game experience, you should come to play game and take it as a great chance to express your skills. The game features many weapons, armor, and colors that you can pick from. Feel free to get them before stepping into the arena. You only have one goal here: kill all enemies to gain points and unlock perks. Both perks and points are important things you must focus on. As you rocket your kill count, you will earn a lot of points, then use them to get perks with some special abilities. There are three perk tiers in Gats io unblocked. You will get to the first tier at 100 points, the second tier at 300 points, and the third tier at 600 points. Unlock all perks one by one then you can use them to your advantage. Can you shoot your way to the top? Play it now! Wish you luck!

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