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Date added: 2020-07-20
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Move the mouse to go, Left-click to hit, Right-click to accelerate, Enter to chat

Description is a cool shooter io game in which you are able to climb up the top of a special tree called evolution. Start the latest match online with a lot of aggressive enemies from around the world and try your best to turn into the most powerful player! After you take part in the combat of free, you should not forget to mine trees. They will increase your XP and grow you in size instead of providing wood. Along with killing smaller opponents, you will be able to level up and evolve. Attempt to unlock the strongest character as fast as possible! Play unblocked you can speed up at any time if necessary! It is a unique ability that allows you to run away from bigger competitors or chase and catch the target. However, it will lower your score. It is a fun and addictive adventure although there are only 12 stages. Good luck!

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