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Date added: 2020-02-21
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Use WASD to move or reach a ladder, use the spacebar to jump or exit a ladder. Use themouse to interact with objects, use themouse to use an item, use Q to drop an item, use the mouse wheel scroll to zoom, press C to fast zoom, use Enter to chat, and use Tab to show the scoreboard.


A ship battle has just been started in unblocked. Have your skills ready for this epic battle against other players around the world. You have to grow your own dreadnought ship and craw then sail the seas to compete against your rivals. Add weapons with equipment to your ship then use them to get an upper hand on other players. You can craft new advanced weapons for more strength. At the same time, watch out for the enemy shots! Try your best to survive and get to the top place on the leaderboard in game.

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