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Date added: 2020-04-24
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Use WASD to move your character. Use number keys 1-9 to choose from the inventory. To give items to other players, drag and drop them from your inventory.


Enrich your survival experience with platformer survival game! You are stepping into a randomly-generated world where you have to build stuff, craft items, collect weapons, and protect yourself against enemies with mobs. It’s not easy to get through this wild world, especially when you are just alone yourself here. The first thing you do is to go explore the world to pick up some basic resources that are dispersed on the ground. When you collect them, you can use them to build a dreamed castle and turn it into a good place to stay in the game. There are other strong items you can gather somewhere in this world. Make sure you equip yourself with those items as well as weapons you have crafted because you will need them a lot to kill enemies. Also, you can collect some stones then throw them at enemies to eliminate them while avoiding the stones from them. You will feel hungry when playing, so you should go get some food on your quest then eat it quickly to heal yourself. Try your hardest to kill as many enemies as possible so you can be the first one in the ranking. Then, you can prove your worth as well as become the best survivor in Cubeeio unblocked game. Are you ready for this adventure? Come join it now and have fun with it!

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