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Date added: 2020-05-02
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Direct the movement of your crowd using the mouse.


Crowded unblocked is a crowd-building io game set in a big city where players have to covert followers to their causes to build the biggest crowd. Feel free to play Crowd City game online in your browser then challenge other opponents to a crazy match. Make sure you perform your skills to outplay all other players to become the top 1 player on the leaderboard.

When you make your way through the city, you should go find people and add them to your side to make your crowd bigger. Watch out for other players at the same time because they also have the same goal as you. You can fight against them when you are ready, and try to defeat them to take their followers. Make sure they will not take yours, otherwise, your size will be decreased. Keep running through the city making your crowd bigger as well as upgrading them through over time. You will become the winner if you control the biggest crowd at the end of the match. Have fun with Crowded game!

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