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Date added: 2020-01-08
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Use WASD to move around the map. Click the mouse to aim and shoot enemies. Press E or X to activate special abilities.


Try out a new shooting io game called to hone your shooting ability! Are you ready to meet enemies around the world in game and kill them all? The game drops you in multiplayer battles in which you have to show off what you’ve got to slay enemies for a chance of winning. You will fly your ship around the arena carefully dealing damage to other helicopters, tanks, drones as well as buildings. The more damage you deal, the higher the level you can advance. Nobody is friendly here, so you don’t have to be kind to them. Just kill them if they get in your way while making sure you protect yourself from their attacks. Through over time, you can arm your ship with more epic weapons as well as get access to new special abilities, such as grenade, bullet wipe, teleport, airstrike, banana bomb, laser beam, etc. Will you have a chance to rule the leaderboard and get crowned as the top champion? Feel free to join unblocked now! Much fun!

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