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Date added: 2020-03-16
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Use WASD to move, use the mouse to choose a tile, press 1 to build the castle, press 2 to place dynamite, Q to clear all moves, E to clear last move, and Shift to split army in half.


With various game modes, unblocked will keep you coming back! Get ready to play this free strategy io game in your browser now. You can play the game for free and no need to register an account for it. Pick your favorite game modes, such as single player, 1v1, battle royale, and 2v2 that will be coming soon. You are a commander trying to capture all enemy commanders before they capture you. You must make your territory bigger to increase your army and use it to deal damage to other players. Once you have defeated them, you can conquer their lands. It’s good to focus on capturing them, but don’t forget to defend your own at the same time. You’d better prepare some strategies with tactics too. Make use of them to get an edge over the rivals and you will get closer to victory. Play online for free! Have fun!

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