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Date added: 2019-12-27
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Direct the movement of your Bomberman around the map using arrow keys. Click the mouse to shoot.

Description online is a 2D shooter game you can play with many worldwide friends and try to defeat them all for your victory. You become a Bomberman who has to wander around a big map trying to shoot bombs at other players to kill them all. You need to do this as fast as possible because they may manage to escape away from you. Do not let them run like that! Instead, make an effort to eliminate them out of the arena while defending yourself from their attacks. It's all about kill or be killed! You don't have to be a kind-hearted player because this is not allowed in a tough bombing io game like Make sure you collect a lot of kills, survive all the enemies' attacks, and bomb your way to the top of the leaderboard then get honored as the best player of all. Much fun!

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