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Date added: 2020-04-28
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Themouse button is used for choosing towers and sending out units to the towers. Navigate the menu using the mouse.

Description unblocked requires you to have smart strategies, quick reflexes, and a little bit of luck to fight off all enemies. It’s a free io game of tower defense and strategy. Players are equipped with a limited number of units when they spawn in the arena. From here, they must deploy their units strategically to fight one another and see who will dominate the arena.

Since you have a number of units, you’d better send them out into neutral towers to take over them all for gaining an advantage over your enemies then quickly take all of their towers. The point of free game is to become the last player remaining to win. Although the goal sounds simple, it still requires you to have smart strategies to outplay other players. As you go capture towers, you can advance your levels too. Every level you upgrade gives you skill points that can be utilized for upgrading attack, defense, speed, and reproduction rate. You have to make sure that attacking as well as upgrading towers are balanced because that’s how you can outplay your rivals for a chance of winning. Are you ready to conquer all of your opponents in Come play the game now! Hope you have a blast with it! Wish you luck!

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