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Asteroid Anarchy

Asteroid Anarchy

Date added: 2020-03-09
plays 2.601
0.0 / 10
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Use WASD or arrow keys to control the ship, Space or F to shoot


Asteroid Anarchy is a space shooter 2d io game. Explore a new battlefield full of dangerous rocks and fight against multiple aggressive enemies free online! The main aim is to take over the leaderboard. It's necessary for your player to collect the most crystals first!

Play Asteroid Anarchy unblocked you should move carefully! It's not easy to steer while exploiting floating rocky bodies! Especially, you can crash into the wall or other obstacles when you thrust. Further, your ship will be damaged and it will blow up after that. It means that you have to restart. In Asteroid Anarchy, you can mine ores and upgrade your vehicles. Moreover, you will gain experience if you eliminate bots with hostiles. Remember to dodge their shots for survival! In case you choose to enjoy the match on mobile, shooting will happen automatically. Just accelerate and steer your way! Hop into that arena and show your skills now!

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