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Date added: 2020-04-13
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Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement. Shoot enemies with themouse button, use Shift to run, use number keys 1-3 to activate abilities and use themouse button to drop abilities.


Arx Arcana: Dungeon Royale unblocked is a cool game following the battle royale concept. With 2D graphics and top-down gameplay, the game keeps yourself entertained for hours. You have to prepare your skills for an epic battle of survival against players from around the world. It’s all about kill or be killed, making the battle much more challenging. Pick a character that fits your play style then enter the arena to conquer all enemies. Your character is provided with some unique spells and weapons to use. When you cast different spells, you can unleash hell on rivals. When you use weapons, you can inflict damage on enemies. Remember that online is a game of survival and strategy with a fast-paced element, so you have to perform fast actions with reflexes to get an edge over your enemies for a chance of winning. Don’t forget to collect new abilities by destroying crates on the map. You must stay alive, grow your rank to the top, and rule the arena!

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