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Date added: 2020-01-10
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Use A/D or left/right arrow keys or you can drag themouse button to direct the movement of your racer in the game.

Description places you in a thrilling race. Get your racing skill ready for this multiplayer io game set in a fantasy waterpark. You will become a racer who must beat all other players and try to reach the end of the track first to become the winner. unblocked lets you control a rubber dingy on a long water chute. You have to race faster to leave all enemies behind as you attempt to avoid falling down into the water right in the middle of the race. You can take chances to slay other players by running into them and making them fall down the ground. Be careful with tough curves too! You need to adjust your angle as well as control your speed to overcome those impediments. You should build up speed as you move down the slide then steer left or right to stay on track. The race will get harder as you progress! Show off all of your excellent skills and try your best to win! Try out now! Have fun with it!

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