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Date added: 2020-07-18
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Move your character using the arrow keys. Make yourself heavier by holding X.


To conquer unblocked, you must use your good physics and a good amount of strategy. This is a multiplayer physics-based io game you can play for free in a browser. There will be 8 players competing against each other in an arena. The mission for them to do is to push each other off the edge of the level. Whoever remains in the arena at the end of the game will become the winner. game also features the battle royale element when there can only be one winner. This means you have to try your best to win over all of your enemies. There are many io games to play, but Bonk io can be a good one for your choice. You can battle against your friends, or anyone from anywhere in the world or play with a team in some team-based matches. You can choose your favorite game mode to play! Since this is a game of strategy, you should know that only your smart strategies can outplay other tough rivals. Make sure you prepare some then use them to deal with those rivals. Also, you must use your excellent raw skills and position yourself carefully, or even avoid the collision. The game allows you to make yourself heavier. Once you have increased in weight, you will have much more momentum, which means you can bash enemies much further and they cannot push you around because of your weight. However, this will make you less maneuverable. You can play Bonk io game for free on your own maps or the maps created by the community. Have fun!

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