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Must Escape The Bakery

Must Escape The Bakery

Date added: 2020-07-31
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Use the mouse to click and interact with items in the game.


Must Escape The Bakery unblocked is an adventure escape game brought to you by Maths Online Games. The game is set in a bakery with lots of tasty muffins and donuts. If you are a sweet food lover, you will love to play Must Escape The Bakery free online. Also, this is a chance for you to show your puzzle-solving skills. In this title, your character has just come into his favorite bakery to buy some muffins and donuts. However, it seems that nobody is in the shop. When he is about to leave, the door is locked, and it looks like someone is here. But, that's just a mystery! It's still better for him to find the exit. But, he cannot do this without your help. So now, you must help him find items, collect clues, then use them to solve the puzzles. Once the puzzles have been solved, he can escape the bakery and you will complete the game. Have fun with it!

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