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Gang Warz

Gang Warz

Date added: 2020-01-21
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Move with arrow keys or WASD, use G to drop items, themouse to use items. Use the mouse to drive your car, use Esc to exit car, press W to use the car ability (Gun Truck), and hold the spacebar to disable turning.


You will play with a team in an action-packed io game called Gang Warz unblocked! Do you have what it takes yet to fight off all enemies from the rival team in this cool game? Prepare your skills in advance then jump into the fray to battle it out. You should stick with your team members during the course of the fight. Support each other to shoot down all enemies standing in your way while avoiding their shots at the same time. You can go hunt for vehicles then use them to better your movement speed. Don’t forget to find more complex weapons scattered on the map. You will need them when you encounter tough enemies. The better weapons you use, the more damage you can deal, helping you kill others more easily. You aim to gain control of the streets as well as get your Street Credit up in Gang Warz game. Let's join it now! Have fun!

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